We will explain you the structure of the Rhea platform, its multidimensional value to users. And the means by which it will be built. The ERC-20 compliant Rhea token function within the platform will present, along with the fine points of the Initial Coin Offering.



Rhea presents a revolutionary way of trading crypto-options and gaining exposure to the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrencies. Our main mission is to create a clear synergy between the worlds of finance and cryptocurrencies. These are the three indispensable pillars on which the Rhea project will stand:

  • Synergy. First of all, Rhea will demonstrate and maintain a clear crypto-equity synergy. We will achieve this by adopting the best features of both worlds. From financial markets we will take longterm value adding instruments, multiple ways of participation and dividends. From cryptocurrencies – bypassing burdensome regulations, fast and simple execution, as well as the opportunity to invest in exotic assets.
  • Transparency. Secondly, the Rhea platform open-handed – nothing hidden or confusing. We address the obscurities and irregularities these markets are associated with and remove them by providing transparency, unmatched by any other financial institution. All financial companies that deal with investors’ funds are obliged to provide annual performance results. Although in the cryptocurrency world such regulations still do not exist, we still choose to integrate them in the core of our company by providing token holders multiple ways of tracking our performance through our accountability systems, which are explained later.
  • Versatility. Finally, providing users with multiple ways of achieving returns will be key to Rhea. The end product will provide a unique array of tools, suitable for people with different investment objectives and constraints.


The Rhea token is ERC-20 compliant and its Token Generation Event (TGE) differs from altcoins offerings, not created on the Ethereum blockchain. A TGE creates much more dynamic functionalities than altcoins (which act simply as store of value). Such as utility, property, income and fungibility. Rhea tokens means by which options trading will execute on the platform. Cryptofund investments will made and the dividend will paid out. The maximum supply of Rhea will determine by the success of the ICO, but there will never be more than 50 million tokens. Also, its price will be pegged at 0.001 ETH, with discounts available in different time periods.


Why hold Rhea?
  1. General benefits to holding cryptocurrencies – it can be a reliable store of value, a hedge against macroeconomic developments, part of an exotic portfolio, the path to a miner/validator reward and/or an escape from regulations.
  2. Specific benefits to holding Rhea – in addition to the general benefits, Rhea adds the following: a tool for options trading on a cryptocurrency index, a dividend paying asset and access to a cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund. Also, we will now quickly go over these 3 features:
  • Options trading – the Rhea platform will construct a cryptocurrency index and will offer options on it.
  • Dividend payment – the Rhea platform’s profits will come from transaction fees on options. Depending on the Tier reached on the Dividend Incentive Scheme, a pre-set percentage of the collected fees distribute once every 3 months to Rhea holders proportional to the amount of Rhea they hold. As the platform develops, the dividend will become a higher source of income for long-term token holders.
  • Cryptofund investing – if ICO is successful, the Rhea platform will feature a cryptocurrency hedge fund called the Rhea Cryptofund. Section 5 explains in more detail.

Also, depending on the milestone reached with the Rhea token, users will have tools at their disposal such as graphs and statistics of the index and all of its constituents, historical data on all constituents and backward reaching of the index ever since prices for at least 20 cryptocurrencies became available.

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