Best Crypto Friendly Banks

Every bank has a different way of dealing with crypto, but some banks give their customers the ability to buy and sell in the cryptocurrency markets. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best crypto friendly banks.

Best Cryptocurrency Banks


Bankera is a company not very old, giving people another choice similar to bank accounts that connect with the SpectroCoin for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

They provide individual International Bank Account Numbers to their clients, which enable them to transfer out and take in money from their SpectroCoin accounts.

Bankera gives people the option to change Bitcoin into EUR and put it on their personal debit cards. They also provide different bank services, like lending money and exchanging currencies between banks.

Revolut – One of the Best Crypto Friendly Banks

Revolut is a modern banking and financial tech company located in London, holding a license from the Bank of Lithuania. They offer an app for mobile phones that provides different functions to handle money, carry out payment transactions, and invest funds.

Revolut offers a way to invest in cryptocurrency. People using Revolut can buy and sell more than 130 types of crypto assets, and they also have the chance to get more crypto by learning about it and understanding blockchain technology. 


Revolut has a cryptocurrency feature that offers “collections” of crypto, which means they have many different tokens grouped together by areas such as DeFi or blockchain games. For more you can read about DeFi in the crypto betting industry.

Furthermore, individuals who own a Revolut Card can also use the money they have in cryptocurrency for normal purchases. Basically, this makes the Revolut act like a card for crypto, which is something people who put their money into cryptocurrencies usually appreciate. 

Overall, it can be said that Revolut is one of the leading banks in Europe that support cryptocurrencies.


Change is a not-so-big bank that began after getting some money invested in 2016, with the purpose to make it easier for people to invest.

They provide services for trading cryptocurrencies and they also have options to invest in regular assets like company shares, gold, various indices, and goods that are traded.

Change users also get a “crypto-friendly” Visa debit card


Ally Bank is a popular online bank that lets you indirectly invest in crypto.

Although the app does not allow for direct trading of cryptocurrencies, you are able to put money into funds that focus on crypto, such as trusts related to crypto, futures of Bitcoin and stocks associated with cryptocurrency.


The bank provides many choices for investment as well, and most of these can be bought and sold without paying any commission fees.

You have the option to select either a managed portfolio that utilizes a robo-advisor, or you can opt for self-directed trading, which allows you full control of your investment portfolio.

Bank of America

Bank of America, a top national bank, provides investment choices via its company Merrill Edge which lets customers put money into various assets.

Regrettably, you are not able to purchase cryptocurrencies in a direct way, however this does not imply that investing in them is impossible.

If you own an account with Bank of America Merrill Edge and desire to purchase cryptocurrency, it is possible by investing in ETFs and funds. These track how well companies that work with blockchain technology are doing; this technology is the foundation for cryptocurrencies.

Bank of America has a simple connection process with Coinbase which allows for smoother withdrawals of money.

Quontic – One of the Best Crypto Friendly Banks

Quontic has a unique crypto offering that’s a great fit for new investors and crypto pros. While you won’t be able to directly trade in crypto with Quontic, you can enroll in a Bitcoin Rewards Checking account.

Instead of paying out interest in cash, Quontic rewards you with Bitcoin rewards on all POS transactions made with your debit card.


You can exchange your Bitcoin rewards for cash through NYDIG, a Bitcoin financial services firm, with a 2% fee.

It’s also important to note that the account has a $500 minimum opening deposit requirement.


Although Wirex isn’t exactly a bank, it operates in a comparable way and lets you trade over 37 various currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Nano, and Litecoin.

When you swap fiat currencies directly, there is no fee and the exchange rate is the same as banks use. But if you trade cryptocurrencies or Stablecoins for different money types, they charge a trading fee of 1.5 percent.

With the account comes a Visa debit card, making it possible for you to use your cryptocurrency funds at all places where they take Visa.

When you exchange, it is done immediately, and you receive cryptocurrency rewards when buying things. Wirex has a limit for buying that’s $4,000 each day and $10,000 every month.

Robinhood – Crypto Bank

Robinhood is a well-liked app for small-scale investing, which provides an account for cash management insured by FDIC, and permits the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency.

The Robinhood Cash Card offers benefits such as receiving your salary two days earlier and there are no charges for overdrafts. What sets it apart is the option to invest some part of each paycheck into cryptocurrency automatically.

In Robinhood app, you have the ability to do research, purchase and sell different cryptocurrencies like Ave, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin among others. The account comes with a daily limit for crypto transfers of $10,000 and also provides an option to arrange automatic repeat purchases starting from $1.


Juno has high interest returns on check accounts and money back benefits. Recently, it has explored deeply into the cryptocurrency, now calling itself the intersection of traditional banking and crypto activities.

Clients of Juno have the option to put money from their paychecks into cryptocurrency. They can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies through their current accounts too, without any trading fees charged by Juno.


You have the ability to exchange over 30 different types of coins, as shown on this list. Additionally, if you possess a Metal account, it permits you to purchase, sell and take out funds with limits up to $40,000 daily, $155,000 each month and a total of $500,000 every year.

Different from certain banks where you must wait seven days, with Juno you have the ability to convert your cryptocurrency into cash whenever you wish.

What Makes a Bank CryptoFriendly?

Secure Wallets

These digital wallets are made for the safekeeping of your cryptocurrencies, similar to how vaults guard your valuables from getting accessed without permission or facing online dangers.

Easy Buying and Selling

Some banks that like cryptocurrencies let you purchase and sell them using your bank account, which means you do not need different exchanges for cryptocurrencies and makes it easier to get or change your digital money.

Integration with Popular Platforms

These organizations usually work together with popular cryptocurrency platforms, so you can link your bank account straight to these platforms for easier transactions. This connection makes the transfer of money between your bank and preferred crypto exchanges more straightforward.

Multi-Currency Support

Besides usual currencies like the US dollar, these banks often include several types of cryptocurrencies. This lets you keep and handle different kinds of digital assets together in one banking environment.

Seamless Transactions

Cryptocurrencies are useful for many financial tasks, like buying things, settling bills or transferring funds to friends and relatives. Mixing cryptocurrencies into daily dealings provides more options in handling your finances.

Investment Opportunities

Certain banks that favor cryptocurrency offer investment opportunities designed for digital currencies, such as savings accounts earning interest on your crypto holdings or financial products related to cryptocurrencies.

User-Friendly Interfaces

These banks provide easy-to-use internet platforms or mobile applications, allowing you to easily watch over your cryptocurrency assets, follow the transactions, and control your whole financial portfolio.

Security Measures

Considering how cryptocurrencies work, making sure they are safe is major. Banks that like crypto use strong safety steps such as needing two layers of confirmation when you sign in, turning data into code to protect it, and having safe ways to log in so your money is kept safe.

Educational Resources

Numerous banks provide learning materials so you can learn about cryptocurrencies and the way to utilize them properly, especially if you are not familiar with digital assets.

Customer Support

Banks that are good with crypto understand the special problems when handling cryptocurrencies and usually offer specialized customer help for troubles with your digital money.

Conclusion of the Best Crypto Friendly Banks

If you are searching for cryptocurrency banks, today there are many choices available in the U.S. or other countries, and it is likely that there will be additional options in the near future.

As the number of individuals using crypto in their daily activities increases, including investment and expenditure or other elements like DAOs and NFTs within Web3, it is probable that additional banks will acknowledge it as an element of their business strategy for the future.


Can I buy cryptocurrency directly from these crypto banks❓

Some banks on the list allow direct purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, while others offer investment opportunities related to crypto assets, such as ETFs and funds.

Do these cryptocurrency banks provide secure storage for my cryptocurrencies❓

✅ Yes, many of these banks offer secure digital wallets to safeguard your crypto holdings, similar to traditional bank vaults for valuables.

Can I use my cryptocurrency for everyday purchases with these banks❓

Some banks provide debit cards linked to your cryptocurrency holdings, allowing you to use your digital assets for regular purchases wherever cards are accepted.

What are the best crypto banks❓

Bankera, Revolut, Change, Ally, Bank of America, Quontic.

What banks are crypto friendly❓

Crypto-friendly banks include Revolut, Wirex, Juno, BankProv, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, USAA, N26, AMINA, Quontic , etc.

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