Crypto Scalping Strategies

Scalping means you trade within the same day in markets for stocks, Forex or cryptocurrencies. It is seen as a very difficult trading style because it needs quick thinking and decisions, strong mental strength, and many hours of work while the market is open.

Crypto scalping is a favored method where you buy and sell digital currencies fast to earn quick gains. Different from usual investment, this strategy needs one to be more involved and have a deep grasp of how the market moves. This article will discuss 5 proven crypto scalping strategies.

Most Popular Crypto Scalping Strategies

Generally, scalpers do not undertake fundamental analysis; they concentrate on determining short-term support and resistance levels. 

Traders study the charts of cryptocurrency prices and their order books, performing technical analysis to comprehend where the price might move.

Also, think about the audience for this information. It could be helpful for someone who wants to start scalping or improve their existing approach. Furthermore, consider that the main aim in scalping is to earn maximum profit within a small time frame. 

This implies that the following are important: when and where you enter into a trade (entry point) and when you leave it (exit point). You need to open trades at the start of a trend and close them as soon as this trend begins displaying feebleness.

There are 5 basic scalping strategies:

Range Trading


The strategy’s name tells us it is about a specific price range where the cost of a cryptocurrency goes back and forth between two stable prices over some period. When you do range trading, it lets you buy for a long term hold and also sell short simultaneously. 

To discover the optimal trading range, it is advisable to initiate a purchase when prices approach the support — the lower level of the range — and commence selling as prices near resistance, which is at the higher end of that range.

Price Movements – Scalping Strategy Crypto

This crypto scalping strategy is not so complicated; you just have to look carefully at the price changes that are happening with the asset, then use your own understanding to choose where to start a trade.

Margin Trading – Crypto Scalping Strategy

As I said earlier, if you have more money to start with, the chances of making a good profit from quick crypto trades can go up a lot.

But since not all traders will have enough capital for this, they can use margin trading which lets them get extra money from someone else to invest and try for bigger profits. 

You must remember, because you borrow money in margin trading for crypto scalping, it is more risky compared to other strategies mentioned here.


A strategy for trading cryptocurrency called arbitrage scalping is more appropriate for traders with a lot of experience. 

It involves making money from the price differences of the same digital currency on different exchanges by being both buyer and seller at once. To be successful, these trades must happen at the same time.

Bid-Ask Spread – One More Cryptocurrency Scalping Strategy

Bid-Ask-Spread- One-More-Cryptocurrency-Scalping-Strategy

The spread is the gap between what sellers want for an asset and what buyers are willing to pay; traders use this spread when they start a trade at one of these prices, then quickly end the trade, hoping to make money. 

Sometimes this price difference is big, giving traders the chance to make good profit.

What is Scalping Crypto? 

Many strategies exist for cryptocurrency trading. Scalping crypto is one, where you make many trades in a single day. Scalping strategy aims to conduct many small trades, like numerous fast transactions in a day, each aiming for just a little bit of profit.

The scalp strategy relies on small changes in the stock price that happen within a day, and it involves entering and leaving the market many times throughout one trading session. The time for keeping a position can be as short as parts of a second up to some minutes. 

This is the reason scalpers often look at charts for short time frames like one minute or five minutes, or even tick charts that show price changes happening in less than a minute.

You might find information on the internet saying that expert scalpers frequently utilize automatic trading systems.

Generally, this method is not related to actual scalping at all. Scalping is a manual trading method where the trader carries out all transactions by themselves within a single session. 

The primary instrument for a scalper is the trading terminal, which assists in examining order books, past market trades, and various charts and diagrams comprehensively.

Making money from scalping is influenced by several things like how much money you put in, where you set your take profit and stop loss, and the trader’s own skills. But what really matters for scalping is spending a lot of time being very concentrated and alert.

What are the Pros and Cons of Scalping?

Scalping is a good strategy for trading when you use it correctly. But while it has advantages, there are also some difficulties that come with it.

Pros of Scalping Crypto

  • You can begin by depositing a small amount of money and it is possible to double this in just one session of trading.
  • Low risks are involved as scalpers normally use only smaller-position sizes.
  • Trading this way is simpler because the small changes in prices happen more often than the big ones.
  • Although it might feel difficult in the beginning, with time you learn that scalping is quite simple to use because it relies on market patterns that are nearly always predictable.

Cons of Cryptocurrency Scalping

  • Every scalper is restricted by the amount of cash they have. They all have a maximum trading capacity, beyond which their activity changes from quick trades to holding stocks for longer periods.
  • The price to pay for scalping in trading is much more compared to other kinds of trading activities. Sometimes it can result in losing money due to the large amount of transactions and the significant charges that come with them.
  • Scalping often becomes an overwhelming experience filled with emotions. It is important to maintain composure in this activity.
  • To earn significant money, each business transaction typically makes a small amount of profit; therefore, you must have considerable funds or carry out many trades daily – often dozens or even more.

Conclusion of Crypto Scalping Strategies

We wish that this article was helpful to you in learning about well-known crypto scalping strategies.

Scalping is an intense trading strategy aimed at profiting from small market price changes. While it offers quick profits, it poses challenges and may not suit everyone.

Before adopting scalping, consider factors like personal goals, trading style, and risk management abilities. 

Assess your situation carefully before making it your primary trading approach.


What is crypto scalping❓

Crypto scalping is a trading strategy where traders execute multiple quick trades within a single day to profit from small price movements.

How does crypto scalping differ from other trading strategies❓

Unlike traditional trading methods, crypto scalping involves making numerous trades in a short period, aiming for small, incremental profits.

What are the main benefits of crypto scalping❓

Crypto scalping allows traders to potentially earn quick profits, requires lower risk due to smaller position sizes, and relies on more frequent but predictable market patterns.

What are some common crypto scalping strategies❓

Range trading, price movement analysis, margin trading, arbitrage, and bid-ask spread exploitation are among the popular strategies used in crypto scalping.

Is crypto scalping suitable for beginners❓

While crypto scalping can be profitable, it requires quick decision-making and strong mental discipline, making it more suitable for experienced traders.

What are the risks associated with crypto scalping❓

Risks include limited trading capacity, high transaction costs, emotional stress, and the need for substantial capital or frequent trading activity.

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