Best Crypto 2022

Cryptocurrency has risen as a new frontier alternative financial order and the latest in information technology and computing. Blockchain, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency, brings a new era in the human and machine interaction focused on smart contracts, supply chain, and identity management. Now that the crypto space is splattered with over five thousand breeds …

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crypto mortgage

Crypto Mortgage

Crypto mortgage is a trend that is on the rise. Many companies have started utilizing cryptocurrency technology to process a mortgage. There are some platforms where you can use your cryptocurrency investment to secure a mortgage loan. Users can leverage cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum to leverage for the mortgages. As cryptocurrency technology …

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Initial Coin Offering

The Rhea Initial Coin Offering aims to facilitate the establishment and operations of the Rhea platform. Through the Rhea ICO we are raising capital for the creation of one-of-a-kind hybrid market-cap weighted index combined with an options trading platform. The absolute hard cap is 50,000 ETH. The launch of the Rhea Platform and the Rhea …

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Cryptofund (Rhea)

The Cryptofund is a hedge fund focused on investing in cryptocurrencies with a long-term perspective. The Cryptofund is a natural expansion of the Rhea concept, which will give our token another use. Also, as the founding team is most proficient in trading and portfolio management, the Cryptofund will have a definitive edge over other funds. …

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Trading Options

Shortly after the index is up and running, we will introduce options trading on the Rhea platform. If you are unfamiliar with options as a financial derivative, please read Options guide from the Documentation tab on our website before continuing. Trading options on the Rhea Crypto20 This section presents all aspects of options trading on …

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The Rhea Crypto 20 Index

The Rhea Crypto 20 will be a capitalization-weighted index of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. The higher the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency, the higher its weight in the index. The price of the index at a given point in time will be obtained by summing the current market capitalization of the constituents. Here is an …

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We will explain you the structure of the Rhea platform, its multidimensional value to users. And the means by which it will be built. The ERC-20 compliant Rhea token function within the platform will present, along with the fine points of the Initial Coin Offering. Introduction Rhea presents a revolutionary way of trading crypto-options and …

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